headshotWelcome to Feeling Foody!


Offline, I wear many different hats: Marketing & Communications Manager for an arts service organization, a PhD student (almost ABD candidate… just have to get that proposal approved!) in Dance Studies, and freelance arts writer. I get pretty excited about all of these things—the process of finding words to describe the most ephemeral of art forms will always be a joyful challenge—but there’s nothing quite like stepping into my kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, and immersing myself into hours of peeling, roasting, simmering, and baking.

Now, let’s clarify something:

Foodie = a noun. Definition: one with a particular interest in food (a gourmet).

Foody = an adjective. Definition: finding oneself transfixed by the experience of food as it stimulates any of the five senses.

Feeling foody is the state where expectations fall away, and you let your senses guide you into combining flavours, colours and textures, playfully imagining the outcome. Feeling foody is looking at a pumpkin and seeing a cheesecake with pepita brittle garnish.

Feeling foody is seeking out new taste adventures. Taking that first bite of a restaurant meal and feeling your head start to spin with all the possible answers to, “How did they do that?” It’s finding solace with a pot of freshly brewed tea and the newest issue of Bon Appetit magazine.

This is a space where I can share my foodie passions, discoveries, and creations with a focus on all things wholesome, local, and seasonal. And it’s a place for all of us who get chills when the barista hands us a perfectly brewed cup, can easily lose an hour scrolling through Insta feeds of cupcakes, and always bring the best appetizers to any potluck.

Yours, with love for great food,


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